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Bill Progress in the Senate

2nd Session of the 10th Parliament

The Municipal Corporations (Pensions)(Amendment)(No.2) Bill, 2011

An Act to amend the Municipal Corporations (Pensions) Act, Chap. 25:05

Bill No.: Senate Bill 3 of 2011
Introduced in: The Senate
Introduced by: The Honourable Winston Dookeran [Minister of Finance]
Introduced on: 27-Jun-2011
Published in Gazette on: 08-Jul-2011, Vol.50 No.88
27-Jun-2011 1st Reading PDF icon (45.9 kb) | Hansard PDF icon (393.8 kb)
Hon. Winston Dookeran, MP [Tunapuna] [Minister of Finance]
31-Jan-2012 Bill Withdrawn | Hansard PDF icon (1,054.1 kb)
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