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Bill Progress in the Senate

Progress of Bills Introduced in the Senate in the Current Session of Parliament

Bill No. Short Title Introduced Latest Progress
3/2013 The Planning and Facilitation of Development Bill, 2013 23-Sep-13 House of Representatives icon 28-Jul-14 3rd Reading and Passage
4/2013 The Urban and Regional Planning Profession Bill, 2013. 23-Sep-13 Senate icon 23-Sep-13 1st Reading
5/2013 The Insurance (No.2) Bill, 2013 19-Nov-13 Senate icon 19-Nov-13 Referred to Committee
6/2013 The Securities (Amendment) Bill, 2013 14-Jan-14 Senate icon 23-Jul-14 House of Representatives Amendments
1/2014 The Miscellaneous Provisions (Licensing Committee) Bill, 2014 21-Jan-14 Senate icon 02-Jul-14 House of Representatives Amendments
2/2014 The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Bill, 2014 02-Apr-14 House of Representatives icon 04-Jul-14 2nd Reading
3/2014 The Beauty Services Association of Trinidad & Tobago Bill, 2014 27-May-14 Senate icon 10-Jun-14 2nd Reading