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Bill Progress in the Senate

Progress of Bills Introduced in the Senate in the Current Session of Parliament

Bill No. Short Title Introduced Latest Progress
1/2019 The Evidence (Amendment) Bill, 2019 29-Jan-19 Senate icon 29-Jan-19 1st Reading
3/2019 The Livestock and Livestock Products Board (Repeal) Bill, 2019 12-Mar-19 Senate icon 12-Mar-19 1st Reading
6/2019 The Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2019 11-Sep-19 Coat of Arms icon 23-Jun-20 Partially Proclaimed
7/2019 The Animal (Diseases and Importation) (Amendment) Bill, 2019 11-Sep-19 House of Representatives icon 01-Jul-20 3rd Reading and Passage
8/2019 The Bail (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill, 2019 23-Oct-19 House of Representatives icon 15-May-20 Bill Defeated
9/2019 The Copyright (Amendment) Bill, 2019 12-Nov-19 Coat of Arms icon 15-Jun-20 Assent
10/2019 The Whistleblower Protection Bill, 2019 26-Nov-19 Senate icon 26-Nov-19 1st Reading
11/2019 The Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority Bill, 2019 26-Nov-19 House of Representatives icon 08-May-20 1st Reading
1/2020 The Interception of Communications (Amendment) Bill, 2020 04-Feb-20 Coat of Arms icon 15-Jun-20 Assent: Awaiting Proclamation
2/2020 The Miscellaneous Provisions (Registrar General, Registration of Deeds, Conveyancing and Law of Property, Real Property, Stamp Duty and Registration of Title to Land) Bill, 2020 03-Mar-20 Coat of Arms icon 25-Jun-20 Assent: Awaiting Proclamation
3/2020 The Domestic Violence (Amendment) Bill, 2020 03-Jun-20 Senate icon 29-Jun-20 House of Representatives Amendments
4/2020 The Miscellaneous Amendments (No. 2) Bill, 2020 23-Jun-20 House of Representatives icon 01-Jul-20 3rd Reading and Passage
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