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House of Representatives


1st Session of the 10th Republican Parliament

Motion: Appoint JSC - Legislative Proposals - The Prevention of Corruption Act

BE IT RESOLVED that a Joint Select Committee be established to consider the Legislative Proposal for the Amendment of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Chap. 11:11 and report to Parliament within three (3) months from the date of appointment:

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Joint Select Committee be authorized to:

  1. consult with stake holders and interested persons;
  2. send for persons, papers, records and other documents; and
  3. recommend amendments to the proposal.

(By the Attorney General)

First Debated: 12-Jan-2011
Approved on: 12-Jan-2011
Speakers in the:
House of Representatives
12-Jan-2011 House Debate | Hansard PDF icon (1,231.7 kb)
Sen. the Hon. Anand Ramlogan [Attorney General]
Mr. Colm Imbert, MP [Diego Martin North/East] [Opposition Member]
Hon. Jack Warner, MP [Chaguanas West] [Minister of Works and Transport]
Dr. Amery Browne, MP [Diego Martin Central] [Opposition Member]
Hon. Winston Dookeran, MP [Tunapuna] [Minister of Finance]
Mr. Fitzgerald Jeffrey, MP [La Brea] [Opposition Member]
Hon. Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan, MP [Tabaquite] [Minister of Foreign Affairs]
Ms. Alicia Hospedales, MP [Arouca/Maloney] [Opposition Member]
Hon. Herbert Volney, MP [St. Joseph] [Minister of Justice]
Mrs. Patricia McIntosh, MP [Port-of-Spain North/St. Ann's West] [Opposition Member]
Hon. Prakash Ramadhar, MP [St. Augustine] [Minister of Legal Affairs]
Mrs. Joanne Thomas, MP [St. Ann's East] [Opposition Member]
Hon. Stephen Cadiz, MP [Chaguanas East] [Minister of Trade and Industry]
Mrs. Paula Gopee-Scoon, MP [Point Fortin] [Opposition Member]
Hon. Chandresh Sharma, MP [Fyzabad] [Minister of Local Government]
Hon. Dr. Keith Rowley, MP [Diego Martin West] [Leader of the Opposition]
Hon. Dr. Tim Gopeesingh, MP [Caroni East] [Minister of Education]
Sen. the Hon. Anand Ramlogan [Attorney General]
01-Feb-2011 Senate Debate | Hansard PDF icon (1,190.9 kb)
Sen. the Hon. Anand Ramlogan [Attorney General]
Sen. Fitzgerald Hinds [Opposition Senator]
Sen Subhas Ramkhelawan [Independent Senator]
Sen. David Abdulah [Government Senator]
Sen. Faris Al-Rawi [Opposition Senator]
Sen. Corinne Baptiste-McKnight [Independent Senator]
Sen. the Hon. Rudrawatee Nan Gosine-Ramgoolam [Minister of Public Administration]
Sen. Terrence Deyalsingh [Opposition Senator]
Sen. Helen Drayton [Independent Senator]
Sen. the Hon. Fazal Karim [Minister of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education]
Sen. Shamfa Cudjoe [Opposition Senator]
Sen. Dr. Rolph Balgobin [Independent Senator]
Sen. Dr. James Armstrong [Independent Senator]
Sen. Danny Maharaj [Government Senator]
Sen. Dr. Lester Henry [Opposition Senator]
Sen. Lyndira Oudit [Vice-President of the Senate]
Sen. Pennelope Beckles [Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate]
Sen. the Hon. Anand Ramlogan [Attorney General]
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