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Bill Progress in the House of Representatives

Progress of Bills Introduced in the House of Representatives in the Current Session of Parliament

Bill No. Short Title Introduced Latest Progress
18/2014 The Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2014 04-Aug-14 Senate icon 28-Aug-14 3rd Reading and Passage
19/2014 The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property (No. 2) Bill, 2014 04-Aug-14 Coat of Arms icon 14-Jan-15 Assent: Awaiting Proclamation
20/2014 The Miscellaneous Amendments (Registration of Deeds and Real Property) (No. 2) Bill, 2014 04-Aug-14 House of Representatives icon 04-Aug-14 1st Reading
1/2015 The Finance Bill, 2015 09-Jan-15 Coat of Arms icon 28-Jan-15 Assent
21/2014 The Appropriation (Financial Year 2015) Bill, 2014 08-Sep-14 Coat of Arms icon 13-Oct-14 Assent
22/2014 The Trade Marks Bill, 2014 07-Nov-14 House of Representatives icon 20-Feb-15 2nd Reading
23/2014 The Trinidad and Tobago Panama Partial Scope Trade Agreement Bill, 2014 07-Nov-14 Senate icon 03-Feb-15 1st Reading
24/2014 The Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Bill, 2014 19-Nov-14 House of Representatives icon 06-Feb-15 2nd Reading
25/2014 The Adoption of Children (Amendment) Bill, 2014 19-Nov-14 Senate icon 24-Feb-15 2nd Reading
2/2015 The Finance (Supplementation and Variation of Appropriation)(Financial Year 2014) Bill, 2015 09-Jan-15 Coat of Arms icon 21-Jan-15 Assent
3/2015 The National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago (Amendment) Bill, 2015 21-Jan-15 Senate icon 03-Feb-15 1st Reading
4/2015 The Bail (Amendment) Bill, 2015 30-Jan-15 House of Representatives icon 30-Jan-15 1st Reading